Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise (SMME) Support


We at HEED have embraced a Mission statement that compels us to participate in activities that lead to prevention and/or alleviation of poverty and its’ offshoots in under-served communities such as those found in less developed countries. HEED is thus involved in forming viable partnerships with groupings from under-served communities in as far as commissioning and running development projects.

HEED has through surveys discovered that logistical support is required by most, if not all Small Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMMEs) that are involved in business. The said logistical support may be related (but not restricted) to any of the following :

  • Accounting and book keeping practices
  • Business plan/Project proposal compilation
  • Community awareness/Marketing of the goods and services that are produced by specific SMMEs
  • Compilation of CVs (for individuals), Constitutions and Articles of Association (for SMMEs)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Donor organisation identification
  • Electronic submission of Business Plans or Project Proposals
  • Electronic or Internet out-sourcing of development information
  • Financial Statement compilation
  • Global interactivity via Internet and/or physical conferences with investors, NGOs, peers, donors etc
  • Labour relations.
  • Logical framework compilation
  • Mobilization of resources for machinery, equipment and infrastructure acquisition
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Organising marketing related community activities in a professional manner (Event Management)
  • Projected monitoring, evaluation and report writing
  • Prioritization of operational problems
  • Setting up of Web-sites
  • Skills training
  • Sourcing of funding
  • Registration of Close Corporations (cc)

This realization compelled HEED to establish the Small Medium and Micro Enterprise Support Program. Under this program HEED uses instruments that are contained in any of the other 9 Empowerment and Development programs when giving logistical support to needy SMMEs.

It must be emphasized that the Small Medium and Micro Enterprise Support Program favours SMMEs that are in their infant stages of development. HEED will thus concentrate its efforts on infant SMMEs and functional SMMEs that have been running for a long time but have failed to advance due to incapacity.


Potential beneficiaries of the Non Profit and Community Based Organization Support Program are invited to forward applications to HEED. The applications must contain the following details :

(a) Name of the organization
(b) Postal address and Names of contact person(s) of the organization
(c) Telephone, Fax and e-mail address of organization (if any)
(d) Physical address of the organisation.
(e) Registration status of organization (if registered, provide certificate of registration)
(f) Management structure of organisation (including all persons employed or involved in organization)
(g) Mission Statement of organisation or objectives of organization
(h) Name of bankers (if any)
(i) Financial statements of organization (if any) including details of funds obtained from other sources for acquisition of machinery and/or equipment (if any)
(j) Summary of the logistical problems you reckon are confronting your organisation
(k) Suggest solutions to the logistical problems that your organisation is faced with bearing in mind the Empowerment and Development Programs that are run by HEED

Applications must be sent to HEED Administrator Private Bag X 20715 Bloemfontein 9300. Enquiries must be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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