Intellectual Property Support


Intellectual Property includes scientific and artistic creations and inventions such as designs, cyber programs, compositions, concoctions, etc that are owned by Intellectuals and/or agents that Intellectuals work for.

Intellectual Properties are by nature derived largely from dedicated constructive engagements on the part of the arguably few Intellectuals in the world who are skilled, creative, talented, and have pertinent business acumen as a result of the requisite Intelligence Quotients that they possess.

As a related matter, researchers at HEED have adduced evidence that indicates that because of the low number of Intellectuals that exist in the world at any one time, coupled with the length of time that is needed to churn out artistic and scientific creations and inventions, Intellectual Property is often scarce a fact that leads to businesses and individuals resorting to stealing Intellectual Property mainly by way of counterfeiting of goods and services.

The latter, led HEED to commission the Intellectual Property Support Program whose objectives are as follows:

  • Educating the public about importance of respecting and protecting Intellectual Property
  • Public training on Intellectual Property viz a viz International Standards Organisation (ISO)
  • Tapping the creative and inventive instincts among talented and skilled individuals
  • Assisting individuals and organizations to register Brands, Trade Marks, Patents etc


Community members, Professionals and Community Based Organisations are invited to forward the following details to HEED:

(a) Name of their organization (or individual)
(b) Postal address and Names of contact person(s) of their organisation (or individual)
(c) Telephone, Fax and e-mail address of organization or individual (if any)
(d) Physical address of the organisation (where applicable)
(e) Registration status of organization (if registered)
(f) Mission Statement of organisation or objectives of organization (if available)
(g) Describe the nature of scientific and artistic creations and inventions you are engaged in or you intend to engage in and you wish HEED to help you register them
(h) Furnish HEED with a list of members of your organisation (only for community based organizations)
(i) Indicate your willingness to participate in Intellectual Property Education Programs that HEED will organise periodically
(j) Give suggestions of Intellectual Property Education topics that you would like to be enlightened in by HEED Consultants
(k) Furnish HEED with a list of any other issues that you deem essential for the success of our Intellectual Property Education Program. (This information can be transmitted, by grass-root members, to HEED on an ad-lib basis)

Applications must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PO Box 1360 Johannesburg 1710


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