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Most previously disadvantaged communities of South Africa have been and are still inevitably plagued by poverty and its’ offshoots such as anarchy, illiteracy, homelessness, juvenile delinquency, malaise, malnutrition, reduced life expectancy, failure of community members to identify and prioritize problems etc.

A survey conducted by HEED in under-served communities of South Africa, revealed that youth in under-served communities are keen to participate in constructive community activities in lieu of budging to pressure that poverty exerts on such communities which makes the said youth to indulge in delinquency.

In order to participate in the cushioning of pressure that poverty exerts on under-served communities, HEED found it inevitable to develop community based programs that aim at constructive engagement of juveniles in previously disadvantaged communities. In addition, HEED identified the vital role that progressive volunteers from such communities play during the implementation phases of the said community based programs. HEED views the said progressive volunteers as inter alia critical in the process of positive identification and prioritization of constructive activities in which juveniles from under-served communities will be willing to participate.

HEED has further identified students from under-served communities who are actively studying at tertiary institutions as being progressive relative to the aged and their peers who have for any reason not registered at any tertiary institution. HEED thus intends to perpetually harness the goodwill that the said progressive tertiary students enjoy in their communities by engaging them in community based programs.

Information gathered from progressive tertiary students (by HEED) has unfortunately revealed that most parents and guardians of the said progressive students face difficulty in meeting their financial obligations in as far as paying for tertiary education of their children and dependants respectively is concerned. The said financial incapacity initially leads to de-motivation of such progressive individuals and inevitably leads to failure of efforts to empower such progressive individuals academically. Suffice it to mention that lack of academic empowerment of such progressive individuals, will result in HEED not being able to effectively engage them in community based programs.

The latter situation if unchecked will result in failure of HEED to forge viable partnerships with under-served communities and will inevitably worsen the already vicious circle of poverty and its’ offshoots that are prevalent in such communities.

Being a member of the National Education Finance Association, HEED has consequently initiated the Fellowship, Internship, Bursaries, Scholarship and Studentship (FIBSS) Program which primarily receives applications, conducts selection and forwards pertinent short lists to potential providers of funds thereby linking progressive scholars from under-served communities with potential providers of academic support.

This will be achieved through HEED’s facilitation of numerous processes that will be aimed at helping under-served tertiary students who are academically excellent to obtain bursaries from different sources. The funds to be disbursed to successful applicants for Bursaries, Scholarships and Studentships will depend on factors such as available funds and fees structure for Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses that are offered at different tertiary institutions

Funds to be disbursed to successful applicants for Internships and Research Fellowships will depend on available funds versus the budget that applicants will submit for Internships and Research Fellowships. Annual revision of disbursable amounts will be the preserve of individual providers of such funds.

It must be emphasized that upon benefiting from Bursaries, Scholarships, Studentships, Internships and Fellowships that HEED will facilitate, such academically excellent individuals and tertiary students will be required by HEED to assist in various voluntary capacities in different community based programs that will be aimed at engaging especially youth, in constructive activities.


Participation in our “Fellowships, Internships, Bursaries, Studentship and Scholarships” is subject to internal regulatory scrutiny. We advise that you download and read our engagement framework which is explained in our Fellowship, Internship, Bursaries, Scholarship & Studentship (FIBSS) Regulations

To participate in the Fellowships, Internships, Bursaries and Scholarship Applications Selection and Forwarding Program you must download and complete Form FIBSS 101

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