Conference Co-ordination


We at HEED have embraced a Mission Statement that compels us to participate in activities that lead to prevention and/or alleviation of poverty and its’ offshoots in under-served communities such as those found in less developed countries. HEED is thus involved in forming viable partnerships with groupings from under-served communities in as far as commissioning and running development projects is concerned.

Surveys conducted by HEED have revealed that individuals from under-served communities are not exposed to various life skills that are critical to sustainable development. One critical historical factor that has led to the latter situation is that such individuals do not have the propensity to confer with individuals from similar and other backgrounds. HEED encourages individuals who require development by way of life skill training and mentorship to meet with their peers from time to time in scheduled “Peer Conferences” at which they will exchange ideas on specific subject matters. Part of the objectives is that upon conclusion of any conference, participants will have been equipped with requisite “Tools of Analysis” with which they will take informed decisions on developmental matters. Suffice it to mention that critical thinking is, at such gatherings, enhanced among such individuals especially that participants usually find it easier to learn from their peers than from other classes of individuals. This realization compelled HEED to establish the Conference Co-ordination Program. Under this program, HEED co-ordinates the mobilization of resources for hosting Peer Conferences at which, inter alia, peer evaluations regarding levels of interest in specific life skills and levels of knowledge of specific life skills are conducted.

It must be emphasized that the Conference Co-ordination Program is not intended to serve as a mere talk show for unemployed persons. As a related matter it must be mention that in addition to peer interaction, information obtained from peer evaluations contributes to the data base that HEED uses when composing development projects whose targets are organisations and individuals from under-served communities.

Note that, where it is deems necessary, HEED may invite subject matter specialists who will not intervene during main sessions and if possible attend breakaway sessions during conference.


In order to formulate a solid basis on which to organise a particular conference, HEED cordially invites  community members, professionals and Community Based Organisations to forward the following details to HEED:

(a) Name of their organization (or individual)

(b) Postal address and Names of contact person(s) of their organisation (or individual)

(c) Telephone, Fax and e-mail address of organization or individual (if any)

(d) Physical address of the organisation (where applicable)

(e) Registration status of organization (if registered)

(f) Mission Statement of organisation or objectives of organization (if available)

(g) Describe the nature of constructive activities or development projects you are engaged in or you intend to engage in

(h) Furnish HEED with a list of members of your organisation (only for community based organizations)

(i) Indicate your willingness to participate in Peer Conferences that HEED will organise periodically

(j) Give suggestions of topics that you would like to discuss with your peers at conference level

(k) Furnish HEED with a list of any other issues that you deem essential for the success of any Peer Conference. (This information can be transmitted, by grass-root members, to HEED on an ad-lib basis)

Note that after the above information is received, consultants at HEED will commence with processes that will lead to organization of conferences in aid of addressing specific issues which community members, professionals and Community Based Organisations will raise through the general application process.

General applications must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Currently scheduled is our 2013 Stakeholder Conference for “Mentors In Workplaces, Academics And Communities Association (MIWAACA)” in Cape Town, South Africa. Further details about how to specifically apply for participation can be downloaded by clicking on MIWAACA Conference 2013. International delegates who may need Visas before traveling to South Africa must download the South Africa Visa Application Procedures


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